Friday, 25 September 2015

Logo Design Progress

    Currently development is underway of the group's logo. However today, while we have made some progress into what it looks like, there is currently disagreement, currently revolving around how to use the diamond and bar underneath the logo.
    Vlad's original idea was to replace the 'O' of 'Forge with a brazier. I opted to make a more streamlined redesign. 
    The redesign I made had the O with what was supposed to be a furnace inside.
    A second idea was thicker letters to relate to how forges tend to be have big thick walls to contain the heat inside of them. When presented, it was suggested that something could be done about the line underneath.

    Vlad presented another suggestion, where the diamond was a circle and the line struck through the word.
    Another revision. This time the word was set on the line with the diamond. However there was concern that this design was too busy.
A design that explored the diamond being absent. When presented there was the question of if the line was needed or if it cluttered up the logo, as the diamond was intended to represent the four of us. However, it is possible that the O draws attention to the homophone "four" within the name.
An underline-less version of the logo. However without the diamond it is possible this logo may not be eye-catching enough save for the furnace in the centre. Although because of the colour palette (based on thumbnails) there is question about whether this actually looks like a sunset. Although in some respects the Sun is a furnace 1 million kilometres in diameter.

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