Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Group project: story ideas

The idea we wanted to focus on is for a puffer fish that creates beautiful patterns at the bottom of the sea. The idea is borrowed from the actual mating behavior of puffer fish in nature:
In this underwater world everything will be covered with beautiful patterns, tiles and mosaics.
The main character (a puffer fish) will be unable to create patterns in the sand and is being laughed at by all the other male fish who follow the rules, and are able to do what is expected of them.
Shortly after that he realizes that when he is angry, or overwhelmed by strong emotions he puffs up and beautiful patterns appear on his body. Every male fish is making fun of him and shortly after that the beauty in the world around him drains away, colours desaturate and patterns disappear. 
One day, he dares to be different and eventually succeeds in being creatively free and himself, he puffs up and creates patterns on his body. When his talent is revealed for everyone to see, the colour and patterns return to his world indicating that the inner peace he achieved is reflected with his surroundings. Male fish do not make fun of him anymore and he gets a lot of admirers.
As a supporting character we are discussing a cleaner shrimp, who adopts the behavior in the cockroach in "Wall-e" - being a friend with the main character and directing the attention of the viewer towards specific details in the scene:
Since we are using the crosscutting method of editing we will incorporate a scene where the main character remembers his forgotten talent of creating patterns on his body. The freedom in this story is more of a creative freedom than a physical one.

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