Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Briefing Day And Initial Ideas

    The brief has been set and a long journey has begun. For our project our narrative will contain the elements of being set in (or perhaps around or reflecting) the bottom of the sea, it will be a parallel narrative and the theme we will be exploring is freedom.

    Some initial ideas have been tossed around, initially we might keep away form the obvious confinement metaphors such as cages or containers, but lack of freedom isn't just physical confinement. We considered what sorts of non-physical freedom we can have and also talked about the idea that too much freedom (or perhaps certain forms of it) could be dangerous for the individual. We also talked about if it would be worth keeping the story open. As to what happens in our story though we are still working on that. But while initially we talked mermaids and The Little Mermaid, we might move away from that as the project progresses. Instead of mermaids we could look at fish for our underwater characters, as animating a mermaid involves rigging up a tail and fins as well as a human torso.

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