Thursday, 10 December 2015

Reworking the environment

   With a few hours to go before the deadline there was a little discussion on the development of at least some kind of animation. This was set back however with a disagreement over the scene that had been produced. The discussion was resolved with a look into adding to an earlier environemnt model

  With two and a half hours before the deadline, creating new textures was a tall order. Instead focus was made on adding the constructed assets into the version 2 environment.

  When complete two render sets were made: The first set above are ambient occlusion passes while the set below are the objects with a default shader but illuminated with an ambient light.

 There was some discussion on how upward travel was being conveyed. In the scene presented in preview render passes with this matter was resolved with a dead end. Exploration was made using geography to imply the only way is up in an alternative direction to the use of a dead-end style barrier of rock to imply the fish could not go further.

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