Monday, 23 November 2015

Refinement of the Ravine

  Furrther progress has been made with the ravine by adding some ruggedness to the ledges. Some crags and points have been added but the next phase of building will be priority. Textures such as a bump map will definitely useful from here on out to give the ravine a rockiness to it. The next stage so far will be to do something about how level the ravine floor is. Perhaps have it rise near the ends.

  There could be some more pushing back of the upper ledges. With the bulk done, work can progress with the rocky outcroppings because with the time at hand, we can't risk spending too much time on the tiny details as there is still plenty to do. Plants and rocks are needed for one.

  Perhaps the area around the ravine is also extended. To get the effect these were displaced chunks of rock, the lines of the ground around the ledges were altered to make a more defined incline as well as some raising of polygons on the ledges to form more defined overhangs.

  In terms of scale there is still plenty of space, most of the action however might be away from the ends of the ravine. This has yet to take into account how much space will be used by rocky outcroppings. Which will be the next phase after adjusting the height of the ravine at each end.

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