Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Ravine: Modelling the Ravine

  Progress as been made with the ravine, the main location for the events in the narrative animation. This went though a couple of iterations during tonight's development as it initially got very complex, This was solved by going back ot basics with the original shape. In order to give the camera and the fish room to move about without a sense of claustrophobia and an ever-present opening above, I looked into giving space underneath the opening for light and room.

  There is still a little more work to do with this. The ravine floor could be deeper and the mouth could be modified to be less smooth. But the important part for now is the bowels of the ravine, as that will be where the second fish spends most of its time.

   The concept art I am working from included rocky outcrops, another thing that could be added to give us room to work. It would also give a platform for plant life as the thing about a ravine is it is a very steep drop to the bottom and there might be little place for plants to settle and grow. Developing this will be my next step. The other thought was closing off the ends, especially as that is what the ravine does on the surface, and right now it seems a little inconsistent that where the crack is closing, the tunnel is just as wide as it is in the middle of the crack.

  To get a sense of scale, some of the blocked out plants of the last version of the model were brought in and set down. The fish will be smaller than these so the camera could find itself very close to the walls But wit ha lit of space to move.

  Below are stills of the ravine's first version. Less bulging but more confined. The design above could be considered a more theatrical space compared to this one. Although at the same time maybe it also looks a little like a cave with a hole in the top.

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